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‘Si verius dicamus, nec qui exterius sonat docet nec littera scripture exterius visa docet, sed solum movent hec duo et excitant; sed verus doctor est qui interius mentem illuminat et veritatem ostendit.’


‘If we speak truly, it is neither the one who produces an external sound nor the external visible writing in a text that teaches; these two things merely move and stimulate [the learner]. But the true teacher is the one who internally illuminates the mind and reveals the truth.’

Robert Grosseteste, Commentary on the Posterior Analytics, I.1, 33-6.


The Ordered Human Project is based at BGU and is led by two Principal Investigators, Dr Jack Cunningham and Dr Steve Puttick. It is a subsidiary of the Ordered Universe Project that has been bringing historians, philosophers and scientists together at Durham University to study and publish the scientific works of Robert Grosseteste since 2012. The Ordered Human Project models itself on the Durham idea but brings historians and philosophers together with academics who are interested in any aspect of the theory, practice, philosophy or psychology of education in order to explore Grosseteste’s contribution to our understanding pedagogy and epistemology.


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